Europa erkent de definitie van CO2-neutrale brandstoffen in CO2-normen voor vrachtwagens

Bericht van onze Europese organisatie Fuels Europe:

FuelsEurope welcomes the recognition and definition
of CO2 neutral fuels in CO2 Standards for heavy-duty vehicles

Brussels, 22 November 2023: FuelsEurope welcomes the recognition and definition of CO2-
neutral fuels which includes both bio and synthetic fuels by the European Parliament in the
plenary vote on CO2 standards for heavy-duty vehicles (HDV). This decision is a promising step
towards restoring consistency across European policies, as the ETS and the RED recognise the
role of biomass, biomass conversion and renewables liquid fuels, and now the CO2 standards
for heavy-duty vehicles including the same recognition.

While the rejection of the Carbon Correction Factor is a missed opportunity, the mandate to the
Commission to develop a methodology for registering HDVs running exclusively on CO2-neutral
fuels will give the trucking and logistics industries an additional route for meeting Europe’s
climate neutrality objectives. This decision is also consistent with what had been agreed on the
CO2 standards for cars.

John Cooper, Director General of FuelsEurope, stated: “MEPs have made a careful consideration.
The decision to recognise the role of renewable fuels for the heavy-duty sector is a strong
investment signal for our industry, a step forward towards the creation of value chains and jobs
for the scaling up of the production of renewable fuels. It could also create synergies for an
accelerated scaling up for sectors such as aviation and maritime, which will benefit economically
of this lead market”.